Olive oil production

Due to the very early harvest in November, when the olives are still green, the oil is especially rich in antioxidants.

The oil shows aromas of fresh-cut grass and herbs in the nose and has a delightfully spicy sensation throughout the mouth with a peppery finish.

The fresh oil is already available in December, a month after the harvest, in 0,75l bottles or 5 l canisters.

100% Koroneiki olives.

Test results for the current year (harvest November 2015):

Free Fatty Acid content                              0,33%
Peroxide Value                             5,47 meqO2/kg
Absorbency in Ultraviolet (UV):
K270                                                           0,158
K232                                                             1,75
ΔK                                                             -0,005