Lacules Estate

Our story begins with Friedrich Gruber and the realization of his life-long dream project: the construction of a Mediterranean estate inspired by historic buildings from around the world. Friedrich’s love for wine began 30 years ago when he started his wine cellar construction company that exclusively uses antique and repurposed materials. His immersion into the world of wine finally led to a strong passion and a high appreciation for this extraordinary product. What Friedrich admired most, besides the complex and delicate flavour, was the hard work behind each bottle. He did not just want to taste and critique anymore, but try making wine himself.

Inspired by the deep-rooted tradition in Greece, one of the oldest wine-production regions in the world, Friedrich planted vines around the house, nestled close to ancient olive trees. With the support and guidance of friends who are also winery owners, the first vintages were born. For the past ten years, production has been limited to family and close friends, to better learn of the intricacies of the special terroir of the Lacules Bay. Involving Friedrich’s daughter, Barbara – who also shares a deep passion for fine wine – has assured Lacules is a family affair..

Barbara’s business background and newfound fondness for winemaking prompted the decision to take this hobby to the next level: a professional wine production venture.